Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Excuse me...WHAT?

Hi there. I'm Colleen. I'm a Texan turned New Yorker by way of the fabulous burrough of Queens. Astoria to be more specific. I am an actor. I am 23 years of age. I am a Scorpio. I am a virgin.


No, I know, you are probably thinking something along the lines of:

"Did she just say she was a 23 year old virgin?"


"My God! That's old to be a virgin! She must be really ugly or maybe she is an A-Sexual...No, no...she probably loves Jesus a lot and took a abstinence vow, or she is hopelessly waiting for true love...no, no I was probably right the first time, she's got to be a dog or a socially inept Star Trek type."

Or you are thinking something along those lines. But nope...I'm a virgin yes...I don't think I'm repulsive to the eye (on most days), I'm definitely not A-Sexual, I think Jesus was a cool guy and all, but he isn't the key holder of my chastity belt and yeah, I'm not ugly (just ask all the bums and creeps that want to tap this in NYC) and I am not a trekky. Just your typical 23 year old woman who hasn't had sex before...heh (awkwardly clears throat)

If you are thinking something perverted or are turned on by this fact and want my phone number...let me just say that I find that creepy but keep reading because in 5 years if this blog is still going strong, perhaps you can take me to dinner and a movie one night?

All joking aside, I am what I am. I'm a minority in a time where the average person loses their virginity at age 15 or 16. Where it is thought of as weird when you are out of high school and a virgin...let alone out of college. Heh...(awkwardly bites lip)

Why? Why? Why?

Why am I still a virgin? Why am I telling you this? Why should you care?

Well...let me explain. The answer is simple. It just hasn't happened. I am pretty good at making sure most romantic encounters in my life end before they get too serious and I am incredibly cowardly when it comes to taking risks with the opposite sex. Mix that with a pretty painful ugly duckling/nerd phase, sprinkle LOTS gay men friends and you get yourself an oddly old virgin.

Now I am telling you this because I just found a new desire to be the voice to all the old virgins out there...all 8 of you! But not just that, I feel like we always hear and read about the successful love stories, the epic love stories, the painfully sad love stories...but what about the less popular stories of love? The unrequited stories? The stories of the people who fall on their face when they are romantically interested in someone? You know, the painfully awkward stories that are endearing and probably more common than any other kind of love story. The stories that aren't the ones that garner the "this is something I'll tell my grand kids" response. But in fact, the stories that make you feel a little less alone in your life.

So I've swallowed my pride and thrown out the mystery that I like to surround myself in and I'm setting out on a journey, stepping out on a ledge, taking a risk and this blog is where I will be documenting all my awkward encounters, my successes, my failures and hopefully the little moments that we all can relate to...no matter if we are Jenna Jamison or Mother Teresa. This will be my catalyst to experience more in life, to be more open with who I am...but most importantly my catalyst to become a big old slut.

...I'm kidding...I mean really guys, I get nervous that I'm pregnant if I get in hot tubs with fully bathing suited men. (The Virgin Colleen: a story of an old virgin's nightmare)

So stay tuned!


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  1. I love this. So much!

    PS my offer to take your virginity is still good :)